Step 1

Select Your Desired Service
Choose which package suits your needs.

Step 2

Give Us Some Information - Questionnaire, Photos and Dimensions
Fill out the Questionnaire, take photos of the room and provide dimensions. You can reference wikihow on taking measurements or click here to see an example. Photos should be taken of every wall showing full length and height, also include photos of every corner.

Step 3

Send us photos, links and/or an invite us to your Pinterest board(s), Houzz board(s), etc… provide us anything and everything that will give us an idea of what you love and what design style(s) inspire you.

Step 4

Design Call
15 minute design call (or if you prefer, this can be done over email). Just let us know what you prefer and we will accomodate.

Step 5

Raven and Vine will take it from here.

Step 6

Design Deck
Design Deck will be delivered to your inbox within 2 weeks of Step 4.

Step 7

Go Shopping
Now, it’s your turn to take the lead and follow our guidelines to create the beautiful space you deserve. And of course, if you have any questions or concerns once you receive the Design Deck just let us know and we will be happy to advise.